"Cows are my passion. What I have ever sighed for has been to retreat to a farm and live entirely surrounded by cows–and china." Charles Dickens

July 16, 2011

"Two Look at Two"

From "Two Look at Two" by Robert Frost
...A buck from round the spruce stood looking at them
Across the wall as near the wall as they.
This was an antlered buck of lusty nostril,
Not the same doe come back into her place.

He viewed them quizzically with jerks of head,
As if to ask, 'Why don't you make some motion?
Or give some sign of life? Because you can't.
I doubt if you're as living as you look.'
Thus till he had them almost feeling dared
To stretch a proffering hand––and a spell-breaking.
Then he too passed unscared along the wall.
Two had seen two, whichever side you spoke from.

This must be all. 'It was all. Still they stood,
A great wave from it going over them,
As if the earth in one unlooked-for favor
Had made them certain earth returned their love.

Our dear yearling Emmet left several months ago, along with Gertie (now two), into a neighboring farm where there are no cattle grazing (which prompted their departure) and many undisturbed fields and woods. Our neighbor sees them, and reports on how they are, and his hunting friends will know to watch for the deer with the bandanas around their neck (and they never shoot does).

Emmet was grazing along our road yesterday, surprised by our passing until he heard us call him, and we by his random visit (we were on our way to town). Then he was on his way again into the forest where he belongs. I am not against hunting, if done with care and respect, but when you gaze into the eyes of these magnificent creatures you know that they possess something mystical and primeval. We have been blessed by these encounters.

You come back when you're ready!



  1. So beautiful. What a gift to be given, to be able to have a moment with something so precious.


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