"Cows are my passion. What I have ever sighed for has been to retreat to a farm and live entirely surrounded by cows–and china." Charles Dickens

July 14, 2011

Been Farming?

CATTLE DRIVE! One of many we've had in bringing them to different fields on the farm to graze.
Yup! And visiting here with dear family, tooting off to Ohio for a needed four-day getaway to meet some friends from New Hampshire (and to pause, refresh, revisit), and generally de-stressing from a busy few months and the loss of our dear Aunt Cynthia on June 16th, who lived with us all of our married lives (and our 15th wedding anniversary was also celebrated in late June).

COUSINS! All but our daughter (who is back in Vermont) are pictured,
including one son behind the wheel of the JCB. They haven't seen each other since 2007.

CALVES! Charlotte, left, and Wilbur were bottle-fed after their mothers died this spring.
They still hang together even though they are now with the rest of the calves.

I have more to write and post, of course, but I just wanted to check in. If you want to see where I've been posting more of late, check out a new blog on local produce in nearby Casey County: GROW Casey County. And come on down for some excellent local cantaloupes and other fine produce!

CLOTHESLINE! A belated birthday gift erected at the cottage this spring.
You come back when you're ready!



  1. My condolences on the loss of your Aunt.
    Those little babies are so sweet (the calves) (and the ones in the sccop).

  2. LOVE it. Great pictures. You will really enjoy that clothesline.

  3. P.S. The little girl sitting on Eli's lap looks like YOU!

  4. Good to blog you again and belssings to YOU for caring for your aunt in your home. Not enough folks are willing to make that kind of committment. It speaks buckets about your character.

  5. Thanks all ~ I really miss Aunt Cynthia in ways I had not expected. I often feel we did a lot but then, at times, not enough. It's complicated. I will write more about her on the blog one day soon.

    Joberta, funny you should say that: I couldn't stop staring at my niece while she was here because she reminds me so much of the few photos I've seen of my Dad when he was young. And everyone always told me--then and now--that I look like my Dad. There is definitely a strong family resemblance passed on through the generations! And the curly hair, definitely!


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