"Cows are my passion. What I have ever sighed for has been to retreat to a farm and live entirely surrounded by cows–and china." Charles Dickens

January 19, 2011

'Help me, dear readers, you're my only hope!' she said, plaintively.

If anyone can tell me, in basic English, how to stretch my blog header ACROSS the entire top of my blog (or to remake my header in anything BUT PhotoShop, which I do not have), then I will happily sign and send along a copy of my book, The Pantry––Its History and Modern Uses.

The first person who sends me information I can use and follow, WINS! Just email me at info@CatherinePond.com –– hurry, quick, before I hurl my computer into the muddy mire that surrounds me! [And I mean that both figuratively and literally. If I put up a photo of my current office, you would run screaming from this blog. Forever.]

And that would be me, figuratively, in the (unsourced) illustration. I'm about to head off to the kitchen to do the dishes from dinner. Then I'm going to fold the towels from the dryer while I watch Oprah in Australia (just to see Russell Crowe––OK, and to watch a lot of people get overly hysterical). And so we can all shower in the morning with clean, dry, towels that don't smell like they've been on the floor of a locker room for three weeks. I do have my standards!

Then I might sneak a few chocolates from the box that our Shaker friend in Maine, Sister Frances Carr, sent to our youngest son. But that would be vaguely evil and inconsiderate. Then again, what's just one bon bon from the gift box (that belongs to my son)? Now I'm talking like a true addict. Or that wicked Eve in the Garden. Yeah, that would be me, horribly painful womb and all.

Then I'm going to bed. It's only 12:48am. The night is young! (Or should that be, the morning has just begun?) I've learned that I have to go with the mania when I have it. Tossing and turning fitfully when there are other things to be doing, or writing, has never really worked for me. But long periods of cave-bear sleep work for me, too. It's all about moderation.

You come back when you're ready!



  1. Sent you an email, but am unsure if it went through. I edit my headers using picnik.com . It is free.

  2. It's been a while since I was on blogger, but I think you have to re-size it to about 800. There are also free re-sizers online. Just google 'photo re-sizer'.

  3. Well, it doesn't bother me the way it is.


  4. Don't know if this will help, but we don't have photoshop either and my husband just set up a blog in wordpress. He was frustrated that he could re-size the picture he wanted to use in iphoto but not add text. He ended up creating his header in Keynote (the mac version of Powerpoint).

    But if you have the current header already saved in its complete form as a jpeg, you should be able to use any photo software to re-size. (I say 'should' because I know that what's reasonable isn't always true in computers.)

  5. Thank you all for your comments and offers of help, and several that I've received via email, too. I will be tweaking my header this week when I can take the time to do it, and appreciate all the help! The winner (or winners) of THE PANTRY will be announced later this week.


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